Brrrrrrrhhhh…It’s COLD!!!

I live in the foothills of Northern California where we have very mild winters compared to just about anywhere else.  It rarely gets below freezing and rarely snows.  We have had a lot of rain this year but I’ve worn shorts several times in the last few weeks.  None-the-less my pellet stove has never ceased to be fired up in the morning to at least take the chill off if not run all day.

You, however may live somewhere (like Montana) where your stove is NEVER turned off for 6 months of the year.  The East Coast also experiences very cold winters.  I spent one winter in Salt Lake City that happened to be the worst on record in 20 years and I worked outside…everyday.

I understand cold.  I understand that your pellet stove or gas fireplace may be your only source of heat (like it is in my house).  Or (like my friend Cathy) it may be your only source of efficient heat.  When Cathy’s stove failed her utility bill soared above $700 a month.  YOU NEED YOUR STOVE!

Warmer days are coming but for now it is still winter.  Getting your part TODAY versus TOMMOROW does make a big difference which is why I ship part out everyday within 24 hours or less of your order.  I have one feedback from eBay that says his part showed up within 16 hours of ordering it.

It’s cold, so I put my cell phone number and email address (530-409-5051, up on every listing so when you need help or have a question you have an expert to call.  We have a few months more of winter.  Spring is already starting to break in California.  I bought Round-Up yesterday because the weeds are starting to grow.

But, for as long as it is winter know that you can count on me to help you stay warm.  You can find parts for your pllet stove here  


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One Response to “Brrrrrrrhhhh…It’s COLD!!!”

  • I think everyone needs a pellet stove in their house. It’s one of the most efficient sources of heat that I can think of. Your friend Cathy ought to call a good pellet stove repair person.