Price of Pellet Stove Parts

Earlier today I had a customer call about some parts I had listed on eBay.  Of all the parts he needed, he was only calling me with two.  As it turns out, there is a local retailer near him who carries the same parts but mine were significantly cheaper than what the retailer wanted him to pay.  In the end, he bought the parts from me.

He was curious as to why I had the items listed for so much less and I’ve had that question before.  My prices are based on two things: 1. the suggested retail price set by the manufacturer and 2. What my online competition sells items for.  In the case above, I can’t sell those parts for more because the other guys selling the same items on eBay are right around that price.

Beyond this I often get the same question on parts I haven’t discounted at all, selling at the retail price.  The local store is selling the same item for a lot more.  In some cases the local store has jacked up the price of the item.  Why?  A lot of these stores have been around forever and are not keen on the new marketplace.  They still think that because they are the only store in your city, they can charge you whatever they want.  The reality is that we as consumers have many options of where to buy items and we’ll buy them from whoever gives the best price and service along with it.

I’m all for helping local businesses in this economy.  Just last night I paid $8 more for a bottle of gin at the local corner store than I would have paid at the grocery store.  If you can help folks out, great but if you’re hurting too, buy at a price that makes sense.

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