Englander 2 Auger System

I finally saw a picture of one of these the other day.  On occasion I will have someone who has seen my eBay items call and ask me if the auger motors are both the same.  They are.

I think what is confusing is that you have one motor that turns intermittently and the other turns full-time.  Perhaps it would seem reasonable that the motor that turns full-time would be different because it’s used more.  Or perhaps the intermittent motor would be different because it turns on and off and that is stressful to the motor.

Why these conclusion make sense, they have no bearing on the manufacturer of the stove.  The motors are exactly the same, you can switch them around and they work exactly the same.

If you have one that quits on you and you want to determine if the motor is bad or if your not getting electricity, just pull the wires off the one that is working and connect it to the one that’s not working.  If it fires up, you know there’s something wrong with the power coming to it.  If it doesn’t fire up, it’s a bad motor.  In which case I highly recommend you buy one from me. 🙂


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