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I received a very interesting question today on my eBay site and I thought I’d post it here for the people who may be having the same problem.

Dear jason.munson,

hi Jason, I bought the controll board and used the troubleshooting guide for the board that was already on the stove. I have some questions about “normal” operations. shouldnt the pellets feed occasionally and keep a small fire going? Mine feeds,lights, burns then goes out. By messing witht the thermostat I can get it to start again but it wont keep a fire going? I didnt install the new control board yet. What do you think the problem is?

Here is the answer to this quandary:

Yes, the stove should keep feeding pellets and keep a small fire going.  Sometimes if it is going out you can have a burn pot that is going bad.  If the opening in the bottom of the burn pot gets too big the pellets can burn to fast and fall through the grate.  Or the opposite can happen if you have restricted airflow due to excessive ash build up in the stove or chimney.  The lack of air flow can cause the fire to smolder and be put out by the new pellets dropping into the burn pot.  Replacing the control board will probably not fix this problem as it is an airflow problem.  Some stoves allow you to control the damper or even adjust the fan speed or auger timer.  Sometimes you can adjust those settings and get the results you are looking for.  If you can’t get it to work after checking all of that I would have a professional come take a look.  Some things you just can’t fix without seeing them and working at them a little bit by someone who has experience.


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