Englander Auger Motors

You may wonder why these motors only last for a year or two.  They seem to fail more often than other auger motors.  I have a theory.

Englander uses two auger motors on their stoves.  One runs intermittently and the other runs continuously.  Englander is the only pellet stove that I know of that has two motors and has a auger motor that runs continuously.  

It stands to reason that the lower auger motor fails more frequently  because the motor runs continuously.  The extra use shortens it’s lifespan.  There may be some other contributing factors but this seems to be the most obvious to me.  

The next question is “what to do about it.”  In the last few years there have been a lot more auger motors coming onto the market with claims about how they are the best.  The trouble is that you can’t tell if something is the best for several years because it takes that long to see how it actually holds up in a pellet stove.  

This is why I sell Merkle-Korf motors.  There have been a few companies that have come and gone and a lot of new ones from China making competing product but nobody but Merkle-Korf has stood the test of time.  

For this reason I recommend Merkle-Korf motors for Englander pellet stoves.  You can’t change the design of the stove but you can put the longest last auger motor in it to get the best performance.

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