How to replace a Whitfield Pellet Stove Auger Motor

Most pellet stoves are built exactly the same with few differences.  In my 10 years of repairing pellet stoves, I don’t remember every working on one with an auger motor that wasn’t installed this way.  I hope this helps.

  • Unplug your stove from power.
  • If your stove is free standing you will need to remove the access screws on the back of the stove to access the motor.
  • If your stove is an insert you will need to remove the shroud and pull it out of the fireplace.
  • Remove the auger motor.  The motor is located at the very back of the stove towards the bottom and is secured by the shaft with a single bolt.  Unscrew bolt with Allen wrench.  Slide auger motor out of auger shaft (can be a fight).
  • Disconnect wiring from old motor and attach to new motor.
  • Slide new motor shaft into auger shaft and secure with bolt.
  • Put stove back together, plug in and start.  You should here the auger turn.

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