Pellet Stove Guru Stumped by Gas Dryer…

That was the title of the email I recently sent.  Like you, I try to fix a lot of my own stuff and I hate having to pay someone to repair something simple that I could do myself if I knew what to do?

When my gas dryer stopped drying clothes I got my toolbox out to see what was wrong even though I know nothing about gas dryers.  After several attempts at repair I gave into frustration. But before I called the Maytag Man I looked online to see if there was anyone who could tell me how to fix this thing.

I found the most awesome resource called  They have every expert you can imagine and for $15 I had an online Appliance Man help me diagnose and fix my Dryer.  He sent me a video showing what to do and even told me where to buy the part I needed.  I’m sure Iwould have paid well over $100 to have someone come out and do the repair.

When the climate control system in my wife’s car stopped working I called the dealership and they quoted me $2000 to repair!  NO WAY! I went to and a certified Nissan technician sent me avideo on how to remove the climate control system and referred a shop to rebuild it.  My total cost was under $250 and it took me less than 3 hours!!!

Don’t call the repair guy.  Go to  They can help with any situation and have experts in every field including legal and medical.  This has saved me thousands of dollars and will save you money too!

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