St. Croix Igniter/Ignitor

Every so often I get a question from one of my customers who has a bad igniter on a St. Croix stove asking if I have a replacement.  The answer is always yes and no.  There are a couple of different igniter styles for St. Croix Pellet Stoves.

Most St. Croix igniters have a collar at the base of the igniter that was added by the factory.  A set screw fits up against this collar and holds the whole assembly in the stove.  Sometimes the collar is held onto the igniter with a set scew and sometimes the collars is welded onto the igniter.

The igniter I have for sale does not have the collar on it.  It is just the igniter element so you get to take the old collar off your igniter and add it to the one you buy from me.  This is fine unless the collar on your old igniter is welded on.  If this is the case, the igniter I sell will still work on your stove but you will need to make a trip to the hardware store and find some washers with the correct inside and outside diameters that will substitute for a collar and hold the igniter in place.

You can buy one by clicking on the picture below.  If you have any questions about this article or this part feel free to email me at or call me direct at 530-409-5051.

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