How To Find Glass For Your Pellet Stove

It seems like once a week I get a call or email from a customer with an older stove that is looking for replacement glass.  This can be because the glass has cracked or in the case of gas fireplaces the soot can actually bake into the glass and be nearly impossible to remove. 

For whatever reason you need to replace your pellet stove glass I am willing to share a secret on where you can buy it.  This may not be good business for me because I could very easily become the supplier of much pellet stoves glass and gas stove glass.  In reality, even with this secret out I can still probably make a good business out of this.

First of all there is nothing special about pellet stove glass other than it needs to be able to handle the heat.  Standard glass will crack under the high temperature so pellet stove glass needs to be high temperature glass.  High temperature glass is very common as are glass cutters.  In fact, any town large or small will have a glass cutter with an inventory of high temp glass for the very purposes which you require. 

To find a glass cutter open your yellow pages….NOT!  Who uses yellow pages anymore?  Go to or just Google glass cutter and your zip code and you’ll find several.  Call them up with the length, width and thickness of your pellet stove glass and let them know what it’s for and that you’ll need high temp glass.

 With any luck they’ll have it cut for you before you arrive and you can pick it up between the grocery stove and the hair salon.  You’ll also be surprised at how reasonably priced it is.  Usually you can have it all done for around $100 or less.  In the future I may setup a website with the sole purpose of selling pellet stove glass but in the interim this is how you get it.

 If you would like to help me leave a comment below with your Stove make and model and dimensions and thickness of your glass.  I’ll start making a catalog to share with others.


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