Looking for a motor?

You may be looking around my site for a part to match your stove and you see something like what you need but you’re not sure if it will fit your stove.  No problem.  First thing you should know is a lot of the same motors and blowers are used on many different brands of pellet stoves.  It’s like the motor companies made a certain line of motors and anyone who wants to build a pellet stove has to pick from those products.

If you don’t see your motor advertised on my site I may not have it or I may have it but don’t know it fits your stove.  I don’t have a cross reference chart for every stove.

If you see a motor and you are not sure if it fits your stove the best thing to do is take your motor out of your stove and compare it to the measurements in the pictures I provide in the listing.  The most important measurement is where the motor bolts onto the stove; if that matches it will work.

If you do not see your motor listed on my site you will need to take it out of your stove, take pictures and measurements and email it to ebay@jasonRmunson.com.  I will let you know what I have that will match.


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