“Is This an Original Part or a Knock Off?”

Continuing my fight against High Home Heating Cost!

I get this question every now and again from customers looking for parts for their stoves so I wrote this to refer you to for the answer because it’s not a simple “yes” or “no.”

Stove manufacturers DO NOT make motors, electronics, wiring harnesses, control boxes or igniters.  They manufacture the stove and buy all these OTHER parts from other companies and add them to the stove.  The companies that make parts for pellet stoves are like FASCO, RAMCO, DALTON, EBM, and DAYTON and I buy from all these guys.

If you ask me if what I am selling is a genuine ________(fill in the brand) part, I can’t say “yes” or “no” because there really is no such thing!

Here is the SCAM!  In the manual for your stove it might say something like “use only genuine _____ parts.” They may even put some warning about how using an aftermarket part will damage the stove or void the warranty.  DON’T BELIEVE IT!  They say this because they want you to come back and buy the parts from them.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with them wanting you to come back and buy parts.  They make a lot of money from selling replacement parts, as do I.  But why lie about it.  Why not just say, “Hey, you can buy replacement parts for your stove from a lot of different places and it may or may not be cheaper but we would like it if you came back to us and bought them so we can have a long term value adding relationship with you.”  Wouldn’t you like that better than the scare tactic of “buy it from us or your stove will DIE!”

As always I stand against all sales tricks that try to get you to pay a higher price than necessary.  I stand for a low cost solution to heating our homes and that means parts too.  I always price my parts to be competitive with what everyone else is selling them for.  I don’t want to be lower or higher than anyone else; I want to b fair.  Depending on the part I might be lower or I might be higher but I’m always FAIR!

I hope this dispels some of the mystery.


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