Adding a Motor to a Stove

You may have a stove or you may have just got a stove that does not have a fan already on it.  You have looked at it and you can see that there is a place to install a motor and you might be thinking, “how hard can this be.”  Here are some tips on what to do.

The first thing you should know is that you are not just looking for the motor, you are looking for the motor kit.  That kit will have the motor, hardware, and wiring you need to make it work.  The only place you can get that from is the Manufacturer of the stove and they usually use the dealership to supply it.

If you cannot get it from the Manufacturer and still want to install the fan you are venturing into the unknown but not impossible.  First you can measure the opening where the air is suppose to go into.  Also measure any screw holes or screw posts and see how far they are away from each other.  You can look on my  website and see if you can find a motor that is close.  If you can find one that is close you might be able to put it on and use aluminum tape to fill in the gaps.

If you can get a motor to fit then you’re halfway done.  The second part of the project is to wire the motor to electricity.  Fortunately your local hardware store carries everything you need.  You’ll need a male plug with wire (buy a short extension cord and it has what you need).  You’ll also need a light dimmer and gang box to install it into along with wire connectors.  With these items you can run the electricity to the motor and control the speed with the light dimmer.

This project requires a bit of knowhow and is a more advanced install.  If you’re not familiar with electricity and drilling holes it may not be for you.

The main thing you should know is that unless you can find the original installation kit it is a bit of work to piece together.


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