My Motor Looks Different From What You’re Selling

You may notice that the motor in the picture looks different from the motor you have and wonder if it’s going to work on your stove.  Yes, it will fit.  The motor I have for sale is an UPGRADE from what came with your stove.  The cooling fan is internal instead of having the black wheel on the back.  Even though it looks different, it does fit and will be quieter than the original.

In some rare cases the holes on the new mounting plate that comes with your motor doesn’t quite line up with the motor housing.  I recommend drilling new holes.  The motor you’re getting is an upgrade from the original and will perform much better.  It’s worth it to modify and it does not affect your warranty.  In a lot of cases you can take the mounting plate off your old motor and put it on your new motor.

Pellet stove parts are not always an exact match.  Many times what you get as a replacement part will look different and have a different part number than what you are replacing and it you might conclude that it is the wrong part.  There are a couple of reasons for this;

1.  Almost NO parts on a pellet stove are made by the manufacturer of the pellet stove.  All motors and electronics are bought from other manufacturers and installed on the stove.  There is usually several manufacturers of the same part for a pellet stove such as a switch or a motor.  2. Over time the original company may stop carrying the part so it comes from somewhere else.

The main point in all of this is that I provide replacement parts that cover the FUNCTION of the original part.  This isn’t always the original part.  In most cases where the part is different from the original it is because we found a higher quality replacement that is quieter and last longer.


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