Oil for Pellet Stove Motors

What is the best oil to use on pellet stove motors? It seems reasonable that pellet stove motors need to be lubricated periodically. In my experience with pellet stove motors I have come up with another question; should you oil a pellet stove motor? Therefore I propose that it is not a matter of what oil is best but if oiling is best.

As an online retailer of Pellet Stove Parts I sell thousands of motors every year. I advertise my cell phone number for Pellet Stove Help (530-409-5051) as a Free service available 24/7. As a result I get to talk to a lot of customers about their Pellet Stoves.

When a customer calls me about replacing a motor I very frequently get one of two comments;
1. I oiled this motor several times a year and it failed in a couple of years. It’s junk.
2. This motor lasted for more than 10 years and I never oiled it once.
Which leads me back to my question; “To oil or not to oil?”

I have a theory on why oiling a pellet stove motor may cause it to fail early and it may not be the only one. My theory is that when a motor gets oiled the oil ends up in places other than where it needs to be.

Nothing sticks to oil better than dust and the more time passes the more dust collects on the oil. If the oil and dust are on a friction point in the motor, such as the coil that can create extra strain on the motor that could cause it to fail early.
I’m open to other possibilities as to why oil could cause a motor to fail faster than normal and this seems to be a reasonable explanation.

Based on how many times I have had people tell me that they oiled their motor and it failed sooner than expected and the others who have told me they never oil and the motor last a long time my opinion is that pellet stove motors will last longer if they are not oiled.


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