Why is the Fan Blade Different?

Things keep getting changed and upgraded in the Pellet Stove World.  Motors and fan blades are one of the things that have been upgraded in the past few years.

You may have noticed that the fan blade that came with your new motor looks different and may be smaller than what is on your old motor.  It seems logical that a larger fan blade will produce more air and so using the old fan blade would be better.

What the motor designers have found is that a larger fan blade creates more drag and reduces the speed of the motor.  This increase in drag increases the stress on the motor and causes it to fail faster.

The new motor design includes a fan that has been meticulously manufactured to produce the balance of proper air flow while not over stressing the motor.

DO NOT use your old fan blade on a new motor.  It usually results in lower motor performance so the stove doesn’t get proper air flow.  The result is usually is excess black soot on the glass and in the stove.


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