Trouble Shooting Quadrafire Stoves

Hi Jason,

I have a Quadra-Fire 1100i.  It will not start up at all.  I have checked the fuse and it’s good.  I have a thermostat on the wall that i use to turn it on.  Is this probably a bad control box?  It worked just fine then one morning it just would not come on.  Any insight you can give me would be greatly appreicated.  Also do you carry the control box for this unit if that’s what you may think it is?


Quadrafire has a very similar setup of for all of there stoves so there is a “go to” list of things to check with any Quadrafire Stove with the following problems.

Stove Won’t Start At All

The first thing to check is there is power at the outlet.  Try plugging in a lamp just to be sure there is power  there.  Next to check is the fuse.  If there is power and the fuse is good then find the #3 Snap Disc and hit the reset button.  If it still doesn’t start, unplug the stove and run a jumper wire across the #3 Snap Disc to connect the wires going to it and then plug the stove back in.  If it still doesn’t start you have a bad control box.

Stove Won’t Restart with Thermostat After Shutdown

This symptom is when the stove is using a thermostat to turn it off and on.  The thermostat will turn off the stove but the stove won’t turn back on when the thermostat turns on.  It seems a bit mysterious but this happens when the thermocouple is going bad.  I have those available on

Stove Starts, Lights, Runs for a Few minutes and fire goes out.

Replace the thermopile.


This is just a short list but are the more common baffling problems.


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