Breckwell Convection Fan Part Numbers

Over the years I’ve received a great deal of education from my customers.  People email or call me every day and very often share some incites that I didn’t know.  In fact, there are some stove brands that I can diagnose over the phone and tell you exactly what needs to be done and I’ve never worked on it before and it is all due to customers educating me on their products.

Part numbers for Pellet Stoves can be confusing and one situation that leads to this is Breckwell Pellet Stoves and the different part numbers they use for their convection fans. A-E-033, A-E-033A, C-E-033

Here is a point of clarity; Breckwell has always used the same size (dimension) convection fan on their pellet stove.  However, they have changed the part number several times.  As far as I can tell the convection fan is identical regardless of what part number they put on it.

So, why the different part numbers for the same item.  My guess is that over time the motor has gone through some revisions.  Older motors often used higher amperage while newer motors have lower amperage.  I believe that the change in the part number is just a revision or upgrade to that motor as everything else is the same on it.

If you are looking to replace one of these Breckwell Convection Fans don’t get confused by the part numbers being different.  Breckwell has used the same size fan on all their pellet stoves so as long as the motor is listed for Breckwell it will fit.

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