Holes On New Motor Mounting Plate Don’t Match

You might be in the situation where you bought a motor from us and went to install it only to find that the holes on the mounting plate don’t match.  This can be frustrating and it’s not our intention to frustrate you. We are finding out that the newer motors on some stoves are using a different style mounting plate than they did in the past.  We know about some of these and put information into the listing letting you know what to expect.  But there are some we are still figuring out.

What to do about it? In some cases we have found that you can swap the mounting plate off the old motor and put it on the new one.  In other cases we’ve found you just need to drill the holes where they need to go.

In all cases we’ve found it’s worth the extra work to the UPGRADED motor installed in the stove. The motors that we have found that have a change in the mounting plate are all C-Frame motors which last 3-5 years and are noisy.  Our motors are the enclosed style that last 10 or more years and are a lot quieter.

It’s important to us that we get this working for you and that you are happy with what you got so if there’s anything else we can do to support you let us know.


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