Is The Control Board Bad On My Pellet Stove?

It’s not uncommon for people to think of the worst case, most expensive scenario when their pellet stove is not working correctly. Sometimes thinking the control board is bad on a pellet stove is little more than a guess and usually just jumping to conclusions. I get a lot of calls from people thinking they have a bad control board on their pellet stove and seven out of ten times it’s something else.

How to know if the control board on your pellet stove is bad. Usually when the control board fails on a pellet stove the stove just won’t do anything. This accounts as the symptom for 90% of all control board failure. At this point people are looking for a blown fuse or something else less worse but usually if nothing is turning on it’s a bad control board.

A slightly less common symptom is if one of the components on the pellet stove is not turning off or turns on/off erratically. It’s very unusual but you can have a relay fail on a circuit board and get stuck “on.” But usually when something is not turning off it is just the low limit sensor that has gone bad.

If you are turning a knob up and down and there is no change in motor speed or fuel feed and it use to change before, that is probably a bad control board problem.

If you have a Whitfield Traditions or Whitfield Profile 20 or Profile 30 that is not feeding properly or stops feeding for no reason you should first replace your Photo Eye and if that does not fix the problem then replace or have the control board repaired.

My company does repair pellet stove control boards and we sell new boards too. Just go to eBay and search for your brand stove and the word “repair” and if we fix that brand you’ll see a listing show up where you just simply read and follow the instructions on how to have your board repaired.


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