Gas Stove Pilot and Burner Not Lighting

Hi Jason! I just bought a house with a stove that runs on gas. There are no pellets. It simply heats up these “rocks” and then they and the entire stove radiate the heat. The stove is in the fireplace and vents out the chimney.

When lighting the pilot, I have to hold the gas button for a long time in order for the pilot light to stay on. And then I can turn turn the fire on, but it fades after 10 minutes.

Based on superficial research on the internet, these symptoms (for a pellet stove, at least) seem to point to the temperature sensor. Looking further, those seem to be associated with an exhaust fan. However, I don’t see (or hear) a fan at all. Is it possible for this to be a self-venting non-pellet stove and have the same issue?


Gas and pellet stoves work totally differently.  There is no exhaust fan or temp sensors like a pellet stove.
Gas stoves have a pilot and the pilot heats up a millivolt generator called a Thermopile.  The heat from the pilot flame causes the Thermopile to create small amount of electricity to power the valve.  That power is what allows the pilot to keep burning and for the main burner to light.
If you are having to hold the gas button for a long time you could have a week pilot flame or a Thermopile failing.
If you’re pilot flame is blue it is usually a good sign you have a strong enough flame and the Thermopile needs to be replaced….Thermopile 24" for Robertshaw 750MV – 14-1021 FC
If the flame is orange and lazy then you may need to clean your pilot orifice….

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