Pellet Stove Motor Fan Installation

You may have just received a replacement motor from us for your Pellet Stove and are wondering why it looks so different and maybe thinking you have the wrong item. Don’t worry. You may very well have everything you need after you read this.

The Motor Doesn’t Look The Same…
The original motor that came with your stove is an open housing motor where the transformer is exposed; this is called a C-frame motor. These motors last about 3-5 years and can be very noisy when they start to fail. The motor I sent you has a housing on it that protects it from dust. The overall design of the motor is such that it lasts more than 10 years so in that sense it is an upgrade from what originally came with the stove.

The Motor Has A Different Part Number…
The reason for this is that pellet stove manufacturers do not make motors. They buy motors from motor companies and install them on their stove. The motor company has it’s own part number, the stove company has their own part number and we have our own part number; ALL FOR THE SAME MOTOR!

The Wiring Connector is Different….
Many of the motors we sell work on several different brands of pellet stoves and come with the most common style connector which may be different form what you have. Don’t worry. Simply cut off the connector that came with the motor and splice the new wires to the old wires. It does not matter which wire goes to which as long as they are both connected. This will not affect the warranty or being able to return the motor.

The Holes On The Mounting Plate Don’t Line Up….
This is a more recent technique some manufacturers are using so that you buy the motor from them at sometimes double the cost. The very simple solution is to drill the holes where they need to go and install the motor. It DOES NOT affect the warranty if you do this and we price the motor a little less because you have to do the extra work. But on the bright side you are getting nearly double the life span and a quieter motor.


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