How to Make a Gasket for Your Pellet Stove

Pellet Stove Gasket – How to make a gasket for your pellet stove.

Sometimes you end up working on your pellet stove and needing a gasket that isn’t there for you.  Either you’re installing new part and it didn’t come with a gasket or you’re perhaps cleaning the stove and the gasket just falls apart.  What to do?

No worries!  An easy fix is to head off to your local hardware store or auto-parts store and find a high temp gasket making kit that uses high temp silicone.  The most common variety is red silicone.

Make your own pellet stove Gasket!

Clean the surface where the gasket will be going and squeeze out a bead of silicone about 1/4 inch wide and thick where the gasket needs to be.  Usually within an hour it will dry but make sure it’s dry all the way before you put the parts back together as you DO NOT want to glue the parts to the stove.  One tube of gasket maker should last you for a long time and is probably cheaper that the gasket if you were to buy it.

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