How Noisy is TOO Noisy!

You may have just bought a new motor or you have an old motor on your stove and it seems to be noisy.  How do you know if its ok or should be returned or replaced?

Decibel Meter. Get on your smartphone and download a “decibel meter.”  This is a free app  that will allow you to record how loud the motor is.  Once you have the app downloaded, you want to position the microphone on your phone as close as you can to the motor without touching it and without having any air blow on it and take a reading.

For most motors a decibel reading below 70db is considered normal.  If you have a db reading above 70db you may want to replace the motor or have it returned under the clauses of the warranty.  If you take a screen shot of the db reading and email that through the website you made your purchase on, it makes the warranty process and replacement process much easier.

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