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Oil for Pellet Stove Motors

What is the best oil to use on pellet stove motors? It seems reasonable that pellet stove motors need to be lubricated periodically. In my experience with pellet stove motors I have come up with another question; should you oil a pellet stove motor? Therefore I propose that it is not a matter of what […]

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Should I Even Try To Fix This Thing???

I just got an email the other day from a guy who has an older pellet stove in need of some replacement parts.  His question to me was should he even bother trying to fix it or just buy a new stove. This is a great question and maybe one you’re thinking about right now.  […]

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Troubleshooting Pellet Stove Motors

Not everyone has a local pellet stove repair guy they can call to come fix a problem.  Many of us are left with one of two choices: fix it ourselves or freeze.  You may run your pellet stove 24/7 during the winter as some of my friends in Montana do. If the motor is very […]

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How to clean a pellet stove…

Many problems with your stove can be solved by a good cleaning. Many stoves have safety features that shut down the auger motor if too much ash is in the stove. If you have black glass or are having trouble with the fire going out this is your first step. Clean the stove first and […]

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Wiring For Your New Pellet Stove Motor

Most of the product I sell is replacement motors and every so often I will get a question about wiring. Maybe you have some questions too. Sometimes the wires on the part I send are not the same color or do not have the same connection as the original. A little bit of background… Many […]

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Fire Going Out

I received a very interesting question today on my eBay site and I thought I’d post it here for the people who may be having the same problem. Dear jason.munson, hi Jason, I bought the controll board and used the troubleshooting guide for the board that was already on the stove. I have some questions […]

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Pellet Pile Ups, Low Heat, and Black Glass

By the end of the call be both agreed that his dealer is an idiot and a crook!

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