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Lifespan of Pellet Stove Igniters

Pellet Stove Igniters are a tricky group of products.  I say this because they are not all built the same and they can be unpredictable in how long they last with a few exceptions. The Pellet Stove Igniter used by Quadrafire pellet stoves fails the most frequently of any pellet stove igniter I know of.  […]

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Why is the Fan Blade Different?

Things keep getting changed and upgraded in the Pellet Stove World.  Motors and fan blades are one of the things that have been upgraded in the past few years. You may have noticed that the fan blade that came with your new motor looks different and may be smaller than what is on your old […]

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“Is This an Original Part or a Knock Off?”

Continuing my fight against High Home Heating Cost! I get this question every now and again from customers looking for parts for their stoves so I wrote this to refer you to for the answer because it’s not a simple “yes” or “no.” Stove manufacturers DO NOT make motors, electronics, wiring harnesses, control boxes or […]

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Worst Case Scenario for an Austroflamm

Hi Jason, My name is Mike. My mother has the Integra and last spring the fire started going out and finally started actually “coughing” out smoke around the door seal. We had a local “expert” come to see if it needed to be cleaned. My mom had forgotten about the cleaning rods and so the […]

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The Best Pellet Stove Glass Cleaner!

In my 14 years as a pellet stove repair technician I have cleaned enough stoves to keep me up at night dreaming about them.  I have seen all varieties of pellet stove glass cleaner and dirty class and some work better than others.  There have been one or two that I’ve really like that worked […]

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St. Croix Igniter/Ignitor

Every so often I get a question from one of my customers who has a bad igniter on a St. Croix stove asking if I have a replacement.  The answer is always yes and no.  There are a couple of different igniter styles for St. Croix Pellet Stoves. Most St. Croix igniters have a collar at the base of […]

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Pellet Stove Guru Stumped by Gas Dryer…

Don’t call the repair guy. Go to They can help with any situation and have experts in every field including legal and medical. This has saved me thousands of dollars and will save you money too!

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Replacing the Ignitor For Breckwell P24

This is another question that I usually get from my customers that you might experience in the future. Read on and learn some simple tricks from it… Hi Jason:  I recently purchased a super ignitor for my Breckwell P24 from you.  My question is how do I replace the old one?  Do I have to […]

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How to replace a Whitfield Pellet Stove Auger Motor

Most pellet stoves are built exactly the same with few differences.  In my 10 years of repairing pellet stoves, I don’t remember every working on one with an auger motor that wasn’t installed this way.  I hope this helps. Unplug your stove from power. If your stove is free standing you will need to remove […]

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Amperage For Auger, Convection, Combustion/Exhaust Motors on Whitfield Pellet Stoves…What Should It Be?

I got a question today about the amperage listed on a motor that I sell for Whitfield Pellet Stoves.  The amperage on my new motor was different than the one he was replacing and he was concerned that it would not work correctly. Depending on when your Whitfield Pellet stove was made there may be […]

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