Replacing the Ignitor For Breckwell P24

This is another question that I usually get from my customers that you might experience in the future. Read on and learn some simple tricks from it…

Hi Jason:  I recently purchased a super ignitor for my Breckwell P24 from you.  My question is how do I replace the old one?  Do I have to remove the 2 bolts and the assembly that the ignitor is in before I can remove and replace it?  I can’t see very well in the back of the stove except for 2 bolts that appear to hold the ignitor assembly in place, and the old ignitor will not pull out of the assembly.  If there is an easier way to remove it please let me know.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Peter Johnson

When finally getting a good look at the assembly which is very hard to view from either the back or the side doors of the P24, there is an allen screw at the back of the assembly.  Simply loosen this screw and VOILA!! the old ignitor can be slid right out, the new one slid in, tighten the screw, and you are back in business.  The whole problem is that the screw is extremely hard to see and I had unbolted the whole freaking assembly and removed it before I saw it.  Once you know where it is there is no reason to remove the assembly at all.


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  • donn says:

    hi jason, problem #2, fixed auger now igniter, with igniter unplugged at both ends it reads 25?ohms, so i checked the voltage, red wire plugged in,but not turned on, 120, then i turned it on and voltage dropped to.4 or.5 on the red on the white, 120, so when the stove is plugged in(igniter out of circuit) not turned on, there’s 120 at both ends red and white as soon as i turn on the stove red drops to .5, white is still 120, again there is resistance in the igniter. thanks donn

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